About us
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About us


Powerful Joint Venture

Three successfull and well established brands join forces to create ONE solid
Commercial Management Company for ocean going bulkcarriers.

Scope of Service

Commercial Management

  • Chartering
  • Post-Fixing
  • Full Voyage T/C Charter Operations
  • Bunker planning
  • Schedules
  • CP drafting
  • Hire/Freight/Commission invoices
  • Market reports
  • Performance Monitoring
  • 3rd Party Voyage Operations

Core Competence

Owners Benefits

  • Strong market presence
  • Globally established and reputable commercial network
  • Direct access to major Trading Houses and Operators
  • Flexibel employment structures
  • Professional and cost-efficient operations
  • Savings achieved by economy of scale effects for:
    • Bunker prices
    • Canal transits
    • Port expenses
    • Security guards
  • Using state-of-the-art IT & communication infrastructure

Commercial Management Services